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By Manitoubewij - Writer / Artist




Light is born but is wrapped in darkness.

I see but I see not.

I feel but I feel not.

How long ?,  I cannot say.

Five minutes or five million years ? 

It matters not.

I wake.

The galaxy expands.

The planets spin.

Stars burst. 

I am.

Kina. I see the beginning. 

I fall. I hear the loon cry. Emptiness recedes.

I see the star road. Guide me Alakwsôwdi.

I see the edge.

Like flitting embers rising from an unknown fire.

It draws me. 

Is see darkness within the light.

I see expectant fullness in the dawn.

I remember. I hear a loon cry. Guide me through the darkness.

I foresee. I hear my loon cry. Guide me through the mist.

Without a sound I skim the waters surface like a canoe before sunrise. 

Mdawilha guide me safely through the mist.

Mdawilha guide me to Ndakinna. 

Mdawilha guide me to my wigwôm.

I remember.

I foresee.

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